Insurance Claims

Storm damage

Roof damage can occur in a matter of minutes during a wind or hail storm. High winds can lift the shingles and tear them away from the fasteners. This damages the shingles beyond repair. Hail can cause holes, cuts and fractures in shingles that may lead to water penetration. Even the smallest indention from a hail strike can cause major problems.

Don’t assume your roof is fine after a storm simply because it appears intact. Most storm damage is not visible from the ground. We can provide a complimentary inspection to determine if your roof is still working  properly and fully protecting your home.

Filing a claim

If your roof has sustained storm damage, the next step is to contact your insurance company. It is vital that you call Texas Windstorm or your agent.

Don’t be afraid to file a claim. Your insurance company can neither drop your coverage nor raise your premium because you filed a claim.

Meeting your adjuster

For the past 25 years Ashley Construction #1 Tip will always be: HAVE A CONTRACTOR PRESENT TO MEET YOU INSURANCE ADJUSTER!

It is vital that you have a contractor present, when your roof is inspected by the insurance adjuster. We have customers who were originally “turned down”, or told their roof was in “good shape” by their insurance adjuster. It is not in the insurance company’s best interest to replace or repair your roof; this costs them money. Having a contractor present to assess the damage can make the difference in whether or not your claim is processed correctly.

No one can make an insurance adjuster approve repairs for damage that doesn’t exist.  However, Ashley Construction can point out damage that may have gone overlooked by an adjuster.

The Ashley Construction difference

If your claim is approved for repairs, then your next step is to select a contractor. This is the most important step in the process. Insurance restoration work requires a great deal of communication with your insurance company. The process is not easy and a contractor who has not completed a restoration project can easily cost you money. Your insurance company needs the proper documentation to process the payments on the claim.